We've launched a new SAT AI tutoring program, just in time for the dSAT!

Help us end math learning loss.

We are excited to introduce Archer: an AI-powered, teacher-controlled math tutor that uses the very latest machine learning technology to elevate students at all math levels and speeds.

It is our mission to end math learning loss by empowering educators and learners with cutting edge AI tools that can unlock their full potential.

Here’s what Archer can do:

  • Function as an AI math tutor, providing real-time assistance to check a student’s work, engage with their questions, and offer hints without revealing the answer.

  • Dynamically generate personalized material, including quizzes and practice sets that can be paired with recommended notes or videos, and which can be nearly effortlessly created to fit a specific student’s needs and interests.

  • Instantly grade, evaluate, and write reports on student work, saving the teacher hours of work while boosting the teacher’s ability to analyze each student’s work and come up targeted, individualized plans.

  • Build entire lessons, with any notes or content video the teacher wants to add, practice problems that enable the AI tutor, and quiz questions which turn the tutor off.

  • Write problems in any language, for students whose individualized plans require the teacher to provide alternative language materials.

  • Monitor student work, with tab playback recording and problem-by-problem images available with a click.


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